Ismail I, Sultan of Granada

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Ismail I (1279 – July 6, 1325) was the grandson of Muhammed II al-Faqih and the fifth Nasrid ruler of the Emirate of Granada in Al-Andalus on the Iberian Peninsula in 1314–1325.


Ismail I was the son of the princess Fatima, daughter of Muhammed II al-Faqih and nephew of both sultans Muhammed III and Nasr. His father was Abu Sa'id Faraj, also a cousin as well as brother in-law to the sultans Muhammed III and Nasr, and his own wife Fatima.[1]

A cultured and refined man, he significantly added to the Alhambra complex and the palace of Generalife. He also built the Alcazar Genil after 1319, which functioned as a residence for the elderly women of the sultan’s household, and a new palace complex that later developed into the Palacio de Comares. Ismail I fathered at least four sons: Muhammed, Ismail, Faraj and Yusef; two of whom would succeed him respectively as Muhammed IV and Yusuf I.


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Ismail I, Sultan of Granada
Cadet branch of the Banu Khazraj
Born: 1279 Died: 6 July 1325
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Sultan of Granada
Succeeded by
Muhammed IV