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Ismail Khel (Urdu: إسماعيل خیل‎) also rendered as Ismael Khel, Ismaeel Khel and Ishmael Khel is a Pakhtun tribe in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Ismail Khel is settled and resides in area such Behboodi; a village in the North West of Pakistan; Province Punjab; District Attock; area Chhachh, and Khost Province of Afghanistan.


ismail khel also live in laghman 1 - province A - Alingar district up 20000 and Qarghai district 2 - Kabul province 3 - Qunduz 4 - Sar e pul 5- Nangarhar 6- Maidan wardak 7- loger 8- pakistan khyber pakhtoon khwa Dag ismail khel in punjab jatta isamil khel and many moor up to 150000 ismail khel live both side of the duiran line

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