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Ismaila Shareef is a large farming village of (Tehsil Kharian) Gujrat District, Punjab, Pakistan.

Ismaila Shareef is located on Kharian Road, between the two cities of Kharian and Dinga, between 'Head-Rasool Nehar' (A river flowing directly from Kashmir) and 'Saifal' (a small canal running from Head Rasool Nehar), Ismaila Shareef falls under the Tehsil of Kharian and within the district of Gujrat, Pakistan.

Ismaila Shareef is known within the Gujrat district for shrines of Sufi saints and their Dargahs. Most people of Ismaila Shareef belong to Gujjar tribe (Morariya amongst the majority, Thikariyay, Chohan, khatana, Bhlot, Butt, Jutt), land-owning cattle herders.


Ismaila Shareef has three primary schools, one for boys,one for girls and one co-educational.


Ismaila Shareef is an old village. There is evidence that this village was established in the 16th century, before the partition of India in 1947, and was predominantly a Muslim village. The Khatana inhabitants of Ismaila Shareef are believed to have migrated from Kashmir and are of the 'khatana' sub-cast of 'Gujjars'. There are still the ruins of pre-partition buildings in Ismaila Shareef.

Over the years the village has modernized with the aid of large investments from its overseas residents in Persian Gulf countries, Australia, Europe & USA. Most of the families within the village have at least two members family overseas.


Cricket & Net ball are favorite games of inhabitants of Ismaila Sharif.


A small canal called Saifal is a popular spot for evening walks.


The population is 99.5% Muslims, with 5 mosques are in the village. The largest is Jamia Bilal Masjid which has a capacity of 2000 persons for.