Isn't Life Terrible?

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Isn't Life Terrible?
Isn't Life Terrible? FilmPoster.jpeg
Film poster
Directed by Leo McCarey
Produced by Hal Roach
Starring Charley Chase
Oliver Hardy
Cinematography Fred Jackman
Len Powers
Distributed by Pathé Exchange
Release dates
  • July 5, 1925 (1925-07-05)
Running time
20 minutes
Country United States
Language Silent film
English intertitles

Isn't Life Terrible? is a 1925 American film starring Charley Chase and featuring Oliver Hardy and Fay Wray. This short is a parody on D. W. Griffith's 1924 drama Isn't Life Wonderful (1924).

The staircase used in this film is the same outdoor staircase seen in Hats Off (1927) and The Music Box (1932). The staircase still exists in Silver Lake, Los Angeles.


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