Isoetes taiwanensis

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Isoetes taiwanensis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Lycopodiophyta
Class: Isoetopsida
Order: Isoetales
Family: Isoetaceae
Genus: Isoetes
Species: I. taiwanensis
Binomial name
Isoetes taiwanensis
De Vol

Isoetes taiwanensis is a species of plant in the family Isoetaceae. It is endemic to Taiwan, and the only species of quillwort there. As other quillworts, it is relatively small, with erect leaves 7–24 cm (2.8–9.4 in) long. It grows submersed in shallow ponds for most of the year.[2] IUCN considers it critically endangered because of habitat loss.[1]


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