Isolation (2005 film)

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Isolation FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Billy O'Brien
Written by Billy O'Brien
Starring Essie Davis
Marcel Iureș
John Lynch
Ruth Negga
Stanley Townsend
Cinematography Robbie Ryan
Release date
Country Ireland
Language English

Isolation is a 2005 Irish horror film directed and written by Billy O'Brien and produced by Film Four and Lions Gate Film Studios. The film was released direct to DVD on 26 June 2007.


Dan Reilly, a farmer working in rural Ireland, is propositioned by a local bio-genetics firm to assist in some experiments to make faster-growing cattle. The experiments go awry and one of Dan's cows births a calf that is already pregnant with six malformed fetuses with fangs and exoskeletons. Orla, a local veterinarian, kills the calf and unwittingly allows one of the still living fetuses to escape during an autopsy. John, the scientist conducting the experiment, discovers that the cells of the fetuses are replicating far too quickly and that the missing fetal creature has the potential to infect cows as well as humans globally, causing a massive infestation of the bloodthirsty creatures. They are now on a mission to kill the creature before it escapes from the farm.



Critical response[edit]

Rotten Tomatoes reported the film received 67% positive reviews, with an average score of 6.2/10.[citation needed]

Festivals and awards[edit]

Isolation was screened at Fantastic Fest in September 2006. It received three awards at the festival: the horror jury awards for best picture and best director Billy O'Brien, and the second-place audience award behind Hatchet.


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