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This article is about the song by Joy Division. For the song of the same title by John Lennon, see Isolation (John Lennon song). For other uses, see Isolation (disambiguation).
Song by Joy Division from the album Closer
Released 1980
Recorded 18–30 March 1980 at Britannia Row Studios, London, United Kingdom
Genre Post-punk, new wave, gothic rock[1]
Length 2:52
Label Factory Records
Writer(s) Bernard Sumner
Peter Hook
Stephen Morris
Ian Curtis [2]
Producer(s) Martin Hannett, Joy Division
Closer track listing
"Atrocity Exhibition"

"Isolation" is a 1980 song appearing on the post-punk band Joy Division's second album, Closer. The song is based upon an electronic drum beat by Stephen Morris, accompanied by a high-pitched keyboard line by Bernard Sumner. Midway through the song, a rushing drum and hi-hat motif come in, propelling the song toward its dramatic end in what resembles a compact disc skipping (though the song predates the format), followed by a sudden electronic crescendo. In his book "Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division", Peter Hook reveals the ending came as the serendipitous result of Martin Hannett's efforts to rescue the original master tape from a botched edit by a junior sound engineer.

The song also appears on the Heart and Soul box set and on Permanent. A live version from the band's last concert appears on Still. The song is also used in the 2007 Joy Division biopic Control.



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