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Isotope 244
Industry Video game industry
Founded 1999
Key people
James Bryant (founder)

Isotope 244 is a video game developer, based in the USA.[1] It was founded by James Bryant in 1999. Isotope 244 is best known for developing retro remakes and real-time strategy genres for both desktop and mobile devices. Isotope 244 was also a leading developer of 3D screensavers in the early 2000s. The company received several mentions for its retrogaming and real-time strategy games, above all on portable platforms. IP


New Isotope 244 logo
New logo of Isotope 244

Atomic Cannon Pocket was a notable turn-based strategy game available on the Pocket PC. It was the top selling game on Handango for several months and won several awards including PocketGear's Editors Choice, Handango Champion Award, Best PDA Ground Game, and winner of the Pocket PC Magazine 2005 Best Game Award.[2]

Isotope 244's game Land Air Sea Warfare garnered many positive reviews and was even selected by Apple Inc. as the first iPad Game of the Week.[3]

Currently Isotope 244 is working on its latest RTS game Machines at War 3, which has been in development for 18 months. A Windows beta version is available now, and the macOS version is currently being worked on, after which versions will be made for the iPhone and iPad with an expected release date in the fourth quarter of 2012.[citation needed]


3D Screensavers[edit]

  • Sliders (1999)
  • Desktop Destroyer (1999)
  • Liquid Desktop (1999)
  • Picture Cube 3D (2000)
  • Snowflake 3D (2000)
  • Static TV (2001)
  • Real 3D Matrix (2003)
  • Simple Life (2004)
  • Tropical Island Escape (2006)