Isra al-Modallal

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Isra al-Modallal
Born1989/1990 (age 29–30)
Alma materIslamic University of Gaza
OccupationHamas spokesperson
Known forFirst female spokesperson for Hamas

Isra al-Modallal (Arabic: إسراء المدلل) was the first female spokesperson in English for the Hamas government in Gaza between 2013–2014.[1] She was born in Egypt and raised in Gaza. She attended high school in Bradford, England, and graduated from Islamic University of Gaza with a degree in media studies. She worked as a broadcast journalist before accepting the spokesperson role. Her appointment was part of a Hamas effort to change its public image.

Early life and career[edit]

Isra al-Modallal was born in Egypt[2] to Palestinian refugees[3] and spent her youth in Gaza.[4] She attended Grange Technology College in Bradford, England[4] while her father went to university.[5] She developed a Yorkshire dialect while in England.[5] She graduated from the Islamic University of Gaza with a degree in media studies and later worked as a broadcast journalist.[5] She has credited camera experience at a local station and English-language satellite news channel as formative career experiences.[4]

Al-Modallal began her new role as the Hamas government's international spokesperson in November 2013.[5] She was the first female to hold the position.[5] Her appointment came as part of a Hamas effort change its public image under media head Ihab al-Ghussein, who opened a new government website, increased government social media use, and recruited younger staff.[4] As a female figure in power, her role was expected to more closely connect Palestinian and Hamas concerns with the West and to empower Palestinian women.[5] Al-Modallal has referred to herself as a Palestinian and not as a Hamas devotee.[4][5] She said she would focus on human rights and humanitarian causes, would not speak with Israeli media, and would launch a social media campaign.[5]

She is divorced, and has one daughter.[4]


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