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Type of site
Blogging Service
Founder(s)Yariv Habot
General managerIlana Tamir
Current statusActive

Israblog (Hebrew: ישרא-בלוג‎) is an Israeli Internet blogging service, where Hebrew speaking Internet users can keep weblogs, photoblogs and have social networking features. With over 50,000 active bloggers, It is considered the biggest blogging service in Hebrew. It is operated by Nana10, based in Giv'atayim, Israel.


Israblog was the first blogging service in Hebrew. It was founded on August 25, 2001 by Yariv Habot in order to let Hebrew speaking Internet users the ability to write a blog in their mother tongue without facing encoding and text directions problems. At first it was an experimental project, but in few months it gathered few hundred passionate users and started to receive attention from the Israeli Media.

On October 4, 2006, Habot announced he was selling Israblog for an undisclosed amount to Nana (later "nana10"), an Israeli portal which held business relationships with him for sometime.

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