Israel–Poland relations

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Israel–Poland relations
Map indicating locations of Israel and Poland


Israeli embassy in Warsaw, Poland.
Polish embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Israel–Poland relations refer to diplomatic and commercial ties between Israel and Poland. Maciej Kozlowski, Poland's former ambassador to Israel, has described Poland as Israel's strongest ally in Europe.[1]


Polish pavilion at Orient Fair in Tel Aviv, 1933

Poland broke off relations with Israel after the Six-Day War of 1967, following the lead of other countries of the Soviet-controlled Eastern Bloc. It was the first Eastern bloc country to recognize Israel again in 1986. The Israel-Poland Chamber of Commerce was established in 1988.[2] Full diplomatic relations were reestablished in 1990.[3]

After talks between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk in Warsaw in January 2010, the two leaders pledged to deepen and develop Polish-Israeli relations.[4] In 2010, the Israel Council on Foreign Relations and the Polish Institute of International Affairs marked 20 years of bilateral relations between the countries with a Foreign Policy Conference held in Jerusalem.[5]

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