Israel–Uruguay relations

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Israel-Uruguay relations
Map indicating locations of Israel and Uruguay



Israel–Uruguay relations are foreign relations between Israel and Uruguay. Israel has an embassy in Montevideo.[1] Uruguay has an embassy in Tel Aviv and one honorary consulate in Haifa.[2] Uruguay was one of the first nations to recognize the State of Israel.[3]


Israel–Uruguay delegation, 1948

The Zionist movement in Uruguay began in 1911, when Dorshei Zion was founded. It began as an extension of the Argentinean Zionist Federation. The Zionist movement in Uruguay consisted of General Zionists, Po'alei Zion (Labor Zionists), Mizrachi (Religious Zionists), and Women's International Zionist Organization. In 1945 the Consejo Central Sionista was formed. In 1960 the Federación Sionista Territorial Unificada, renamed in 1963 Organizacion Sionista del Uruguay (OSU), was founded.[4]

Julio Maria Sanguinetti paid an official visit to Israel in May 1986. On May 4, 1986 Israel and Uruguay issued a joint statement.[3] In 1998 Sanguinetti signed three deals on cooperation with Israel on social security, investments, and medical and veterinary care.[5]

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