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The Israel Diamond Institute (IDI) is a non-profit, public interest company that represents organizations and institutions involved in Israel’s diamond industry.[1] The main functions of the Institute are marketing and business development, promotion of rough diamond trading, professional training, security consultancy, technological research and development and trade shows.[2]

Established in 1967, the IDI’s role is to promote the Israeli diamond industry worldwide. Israel’s Diamond Industry is one of the country’s leading industries with the export of polished diamonds accounting for over 20 percent of the state’s total exports. The IDI has representative offices in Hong Kong and New York City that help Israeli diamond companies to expand their markets and facilitate ties with local diamond traders.

The IDI constructs national pavilions at international jewelry and diamond trade shows, which often host dozens of Israeli diamantaires' booths. The IDI also represents the Israeli Diamond Industry at numerous trade shows all over the world, year round.

The IDI’s managing director is Eli Avidar.


IDI Combines several subsidiaries:

  • Diamond Technology Center of Israel - a wholly owned subsidiary of the Institute, invests new production technologies to lower production costs, increase production and create a greater selection of merchandise. Hilhomim technology center coordinator and oversees all stages of planning and implementation of research and development projects, in coordination with key academic institutes and private entities in the industry.
  • Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum - presents the achievements of the Israeli Diamond Industry, with displays and interactive exhibits that combine the fields of science, art and industry of diamonds. The museum is located in Ramat Gan, Israel.
  • Representative offices - the first international mission of the Institute is established on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York. The firm expands the Israeli diamond trade in the United States, and facilitates the relationships between the United States and Israeli diamond dealers, especially those that operate branches in New York. In 2007, IDI opened another representative office in the heart of the commercial district of Hong Kong. The Hong Kong firm promotes trade with China and the Far East region.

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