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The Israel Export Institute (IEI) is a non-profit organization by the government of Israel and the private sector which aims to support and assist Israeli exporters. The institute promotes both industrial and services exports, as well as develops trade relations, joint ventures and strategic alliances with foreign companies, in order to encourage international exports and collaborations of Israeli companies. Since it was established in 1958, the IEI is home to Israeli exporters, providing services for thousands of exporters and businesses every year.

The Roles of the IEI[edit]

  • Help Israeli companies increase their sales around the world
  • Open doors for Israeli exporters to international companies
  • Initiate and develop relationships with international countries
  • Help establish the abilities of starting exporters, thus making the IEI a significant part of the Israeli industry

The services the IEI Provides[edit]

  • Promotes the interests of Israeli exporters through international initiatives and special programs in many countries, operating through official representatives of Israel – commercial and economic attaches and local business development representatives
  • Maintains working relationships with foreign diplomats and commercial attachés serving in Israel, as well as international trade organizations around the world
  • Provides information and consulting services
  • Offering extensive connections and assistance in promoting exports of Israeli companies as well as complementary services for the international business community
  • Initiates and organizes incoming and outgoing commercial delegations and organizes national pavilions and information centers at international exhibitions and conventions all over the world, where these companies showcase their capabilities in a variety of fields
  • Involvment in the exporter's community, those who affect the agenda and plans of the IEI though Advisory Board

Branch divisions[edit]

The IEI has two branch divisions - a technology industries division and a consumer goods division, as well as a professional services division and an exhibitions division

Technology Industries Division[edit]

The division expands opportunities for Israeli exporters in technological fields, focusing on the creation of quality business connections. As part of its ongoing operations, the division initiates effective business encounters, collaboration agreements and marketing activities in exhibitions. The unit facilitates a direct connection between Israeli companies and businesses and institutions around the world, as well as opens doors to integrators.

The export sectors represented by the division are: communications, digital media, content, film and television, aerospace, homeland security (HLS), cyber, life sciences, agrotechnology, water and auto technologies as well as international projects. The division also operates a unit that coordinates the institute's activities in the face of the Chinese market. This unit developed targeted services for this complex market intended to consult and prepare companies for meetings and assist with follow up and understanding the business culture

Consumer Goods Division[edit]

This division is an intersection of invaluable business information for consumer goods exporters. The division is focused on creating and expanding business opportunities for Israeli exporters, through establishing relationships with he leading retail chains and top buyers in the market, business meetings during international exhibitions, connections to agents and distributers and exposure through media and among potential clients. The division initiates and offers exporters to take part in diverse marketing opportunities, such as visits from buyers and journalists and overseas meetings with clients.

Sectors represented in the division include: food and beverages, fresh produce and wine, home and family products, DIY, cosmetics and toiletries, packaging, textile, fashion and jewelry, Judaica and giftware

Professional Services Divisions[edit]

Exhibition &Fairs Division[edit]

Initiates, organizes and manages national pavilions in approximately 30 leading international exhibitions around the world, every year.

Foreign Relations Division[edit]

Responsible for organizing incoming and outgoing business delegations and introducing mutually beneficial programs with partners around the world.

The Center for Export & International Trade Studies[edit]

Offers various training events, including courses, workshops and seminars on the diverse aspects of international marketing.

Economics and Professional Services Division[edit]

Analyzes and publishes information as well as economic overviews on targeted markets and countries for Israeli exports.

The Business Intelligence and Information Division[edit]

Provides the exporters with the leading sources for quality information in Israel.

Business Collaborations Unit[edit]

Finds business partners for exporters in targeted countries.

The Unit for Consulting Services[edit]

Provides professional consultation for exporters in all matters related to export.

The Center for Small Exporters[edit]

Functions as the center for businesses interested in exporting, or small exporters seeking to expand their export operations. This staff unit centers on connecting the exporters to the various IEI services and the aid programs Israel provides for this community.

Media and Communication Division[edit]

This division produces print and media publications about the Israeli industry as well as follows the day-to-day IEI media coverage

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