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Israel Plus
Type Russian language
Country Israel
Availability Throughout Israel
Launch date
November 2002
Official website

Israel Plus (Hebrew: ישראל פלוס‎‎, Russian: Израиль Плюс) is a television station in Israel. It primarily broadcasts in the Russian language, with or without Hebrew subtitles, but also broadcasts some shows in Hebrew with Russian subtitles. As of 2013, it is primarily owned by investor Alexander Levin.


In September 2001, Africa Israel Investments, a financial group headed by Lev Leviev won the tender for the creation of Israel TV channel in Russian. Established in November 2002,[1] the channel's first CEO was Yulia Shamalov-Berkovich, who led the company until February 2004.[2] The station began broadcasting began on 12 November 2002.

In 2013 Africa Israel sold the channel to group of private investors led by Alexander Levin.


The channel is aimed at the one million plus Russian speakers who have immigrated to the country since 1990. It is also known as Channel 9, the channel on which it is broadcast on cable and satellite. It is available in North America via free-to-air satellite on Galaxy 25

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