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Israel Weapon Industries
Founded1933; 88 years ago (1933)
(privatized in 2005)
Area served
ProductsFirearms, weapons
Number of employees
Over 500 in Israel
(excluding overseas)[1]

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), formerly the Magen division of the Israel Military Industries Ltd. (IMI), is an Israeli firearms manufacturer.

It was founded in 1933.[2] Formerly owned by the State of Israel, in 2005, the Small Arms Division of IMI was privatized and renamed IWI.

IWI is one of the world's most famous and bestselling military arms manufacturers.[3] The Magen division rose to international prominence in the 1950s, as the creator of the Uzi, of which over 10 million would be produced, netting billions of dollars for the company.[4] Subsequent well known military exports have included the Jericho 941 semi-automatic pistol, Negev light machine gun, Galil assault rifle, Tavor assault rifle, and the DAN .338 sniper rifle.

IWI develops and manufactures guns used by armies and law enforcement agencies around the world.[5]


Ramat HaSharon[edit]

For many decades, IWI and the Magen division of Israeli Military Industries before it, has manufactured its weapons in Ramat HaSharon. The factory has for many years been regarded an important component of the manufacturing sector in Ramat HaSharon. In 2017, IWI announced it is planning to construct a new factory in Kiryat Gat, to which its manufacturing will re-locate when completed in 2020. The new Kiryat Gat factory, whose construction will cost NIS 180 million, will employ 560 full-time production workers and engineers on its assembly lines.[6]


IWI owns several factories overseas, for the manufacture of weapons for local markets. In India, IWI is establishing a joint-manufacturing center with Punj Lloyd (with IWI owning 49% of the plant, and Punj Lloyd owning 51% of the plant), which will be India's first privately-owned small-arms manufacturing plant. The factory will manufacture firearms for the Indian army.[7] IWI said in 2017, that it expects tenders with the Indian army in the region of $200–300 million.[8]

IWI also operates a manufacturing facility in Middletown, Pennsylvania USA. They locally manufacture the Zion Z-15 AR15, Tavor and Galil rifles, TS12 15+1 round semi-automatic shotgun as well as the Zion SBR, Jericho, Masada and Galil pistols, among others. [9]


Name Type Year Image
Dan Sniper rifle 2014
Desert Eagle Semi-automatic pistol 1982 TM Desert Eagle CHROME STAINLESS GBB.jpg
Dror Light machine gun 1946 Dror LMG.jpg
Galil Assault rifle 1972 Galil noBG.png
Galil ACE Assault rifle 2008 IWI 3686.jpg
Jericho 941 Semi-automatic pistol 1990 Jericho 941F.jpg
MAPATS Anti-tank guided missile 1984 MAPATS.jpg
Masada[10] Semi-automatic pistol 2017
Negev Light machine gun 1985 IWI-Negev-Zachi-Evenor-01-white.jpg
Negev NG-7 General-purpose machine gun NegevILMachinegun.jpg
SP-21 Barak Semi-automatic pistol 2002
Tavor 7 Bullpup battle rifle 2017
Tavor TAR-21 Bullpup assault rifle 2001 IWI-Tavor-TAR-21w1 new noBG.png
Tavor TS12 Bullpup semi-automatic shotgun 2018
Tavor X95 Bullpup assault rifle 2009 MicroTavorX95MARS-white.jpg
Tavor X95 SMG Bullpup submachine gun IWI X-95 SMG at ADAS 2018.jpg
Uzi Submachine gun 1950 Uzi of the israeli armed forces noBG.png
ZION-15 AR-15 style rifle[11][12] 2020

Security training[edit]

IWI offers anti-terrorism training to Israeli citizens and contracts its services to outside countries requiring security training and anti-terror training to protect assets and high-ranking officials.[13] IWI collaborates with the Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY) in New York City, which offers a classroom-based MA degree in Public Administration, Emergency Management and Homeland Security.[14]

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