Israel ben Meir di Curiel

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Israel ben Meir di Curiel (1501–1573)[1] was an influential 16th-century rabbi at Safed, Ottoman Palestine. He was a disciple of Joseph Fasi in Adrianople and also stayed for a time in Constantinople.[2] In Safed he studied under Isaac Luria and Jacob Berab, by whom he was subsequently ordained.[2] He served together with Joseph Karo and Moses Trani on the Safed beth din (law court).[2] Di Curiel's students included Mordechai HaKohen of Safed and Bezalel Ashkenazi. An outstanding preacher in his time, his homilies were collected and published, in addition to his Or Ẓaddikim (Salonica 1799).[2] The renowned poet Israel Najara was his grandson.[2]


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