Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004

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Eurovision Song Contest 2004
Country Israel
National selection
Selection processArtist: Internal Selection
Song: National Final
Selection date(s)Artist: November 2003
Song: 5 February 2004
Selected entrantDavid D'Or
Selected song"Leha'amin"
Finals performance
Semi-final resultFailed to qualify (11th, 57 points)
Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest
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David D'Or at Istanbul (2004)

Israel was represented in the Eurovision by David D'Or who sang the bilingual English / Hebrew song "Leha'amin" (Hebrew script: להאמין; English translation: "To Believe")

In November 2003, the Israel Broadcasting Authority (the "IBA") chose D'Or to represent the country in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul. The song was co-written by D'Or and Ehud Manor.[1]

Israel Selects a Song[edit]

The song was chosen on February 5, 2004, in voting during the program "Israel Selects a Song" held during a break in a televised Maccabi Tel Aviv Euroleague basketball game at which videos of four songs sung by D'Or were shown.[2] The vote was by both a special IBA Eurovision Committee (including prior Israeli entrants Lior Narkis and Gali Atari), which accounted for 40% of the vote, and a televote by viewers, who accounted for the remaining 60% of the vote. "Leha'amin" won 60% of the jury's vote, and 66% of the viewers' televotes.[3]

Draw Song Jury Televote Place
1 "Freedom"
2 "Bo'u Mal'achim"
3 "Yamim Tovim"
4 "Leha'amin" 60% 66% 1


For the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, a semi-final round was introduced in order to accommodate the influx of nations that wanted to compete in the contest.Because Israel placed 19th at the 2003 contest, country was forced to compete in the first Eurovision semi-final, held on 12 May 2004.David D'Or performed 5th, following Latvia and preceding the Andorra his song in the semi-final receiving 57 points which was not enough to qualify for the final.Therefore, Israel will have to compete in the semi-final again in ESC 2005.

Points Awarded by Israel[4][edit]

Points Awarded to Israel (Semi-Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point


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