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The Israeli Basketball League Cup is a pre-season professional basketball tournament that is contested between clubs. It has been held in Israel since 2006. It is held during the week before the start of the Israeli Premier League season. The Israeli League Cup tournament is currently sponsored by Pais Lotto, and therefore it is officially known as the Chance Cup. Previously, the tournament was sponsored by the Toto Winner Organization, and it was known as the Winner Cup, from 2006 to 2009. In 2010, it had no sponsor, and therefore the tournament was named Basketball League Cup.

Competition system[edit]

The top eight teams of the previous season's Israeli Premier League compete in this tournament. The tournament uses the knockout system. The teams are scheduled according to their positions in Israel's Premier League.


Year Champion Score Runners-up MVP
2006 Ironi Ashkelon 79 – 73 Maccabi Rishon LeZion Israel Guy Kantor (Maccabi Rishon LeZion)
2007 Maccabi Tel Aviv 93 – 74 Hapoel Jerusalem United States Israel David Bluthenthal (Maccabi Tel Aviv)
2008 Hapoel Jerusalem 84 – 69 Ironi Nahariya United States Timmy Bowers (Hapoel Jerusalem)
2009 Hapoel Jerusalem 86 – 80 Maccabi Tel Aviv United States Chester Simmons (Hapoel Jerusalem)
2010 Maccabi Tel Aviv 87 – 77 Hapoel Jerusalem United States Jeremy Pargo (Maccabi Tel Aviv)
2011 Maccabi Tel Aviv 78 – 74 Hapoel Holon Israel Lior Eliyahu (Maccabi Tel Aviv)
2012 Maccabi Tel Aviv 75 – 65 Maccabi Ashdod United States David Logan (Maccabi Tel Aviv)
2013 Maccabi Tel Aviv 88 – 77 Hapoel Jerusalem United States Israel Sylven Landesberg (Maccabi Tel Aviv)
2014 Hapoel Jerusalem 81 – 78 Maccabi Tel Aviv Israel Yotam Halperin (Hapoel Jerusalem)
2015 Maccabi Tel Aviv 87 – 80 Hapoel Eilat United States Devin Smith (Maccabi Tel Aviv)
2016 Hapoel Jerusalem 77 – 62 Maccabi Tel Aviv United States Curtis Jerrells (Hapoel Jerusalem)

Team rankings[edit]

Place Team Titles Runners-up
1 Maccabi Tel Aviv 6 3
2 Hapoel Jerusalem 4 3
3 Ironi Ashkelon 1 0
4 Maccabi Rishon LeZion 0 1
Ironi Nahariya 0 1
Hapoel Holon 0 1
Hapoel Eilat 0 1
Maccabi Ashdod 0 1

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