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In 2004 a group of young space engineers and scientists from leading companies and universities in Israel, started studying nanosatellites constellations and applications. INSA - the Israeli Nano Satellite Association was founded in 2006 by this group.[citation needed]


INSA's mission is to promote the usage of nanosatellites in Israel for various academic and commercial purposes. INSA is also dedicated to promoting space education, technology and science awareness throughout Israel by leading civil nanosatellites projects.[citation needed]

INSA aspires to be involved[according to whom?] in every nanosatellite project in Israel.[citation needed]

INSA Projects[edit]

  • Nanosatellites Accurate Positioning System (NAPS) is a constellation of nanosatellites that are used to find accurate position, the concept was first presented in Tel Aviv University, evoked great responses and triggered the interest of the Israeli space industry in nanosatellites.
  • Space Qualification and Heritage Nanosatellites (SQHN). Recently as a part of SQHN project, INSA has started building two nanosatellites (INSAT-1 and INSAT-2), weighing less than 10 kg each, carrying novel components developed by Israeli Hi-tech companies such as Rokar, Accubeat and Ramonchips.

INSA is planning to launch the satellites on a Dnepr rocket launcher from Baikonur by the end of 2008.[needs update]

International Activities[edit]

INSA is also an official sponsor of CUSAT, a Cornell university satellite project, along with NASA, AFRL, AGI, Boeing, LORAL, ORBITAL, AIAA and many others. The professional support of INSA experts was one of the reasons for the Cornell team selection out of 11 different projects to be fully funded (selection done by the AFRL). In the future, INSA will continue supporting CUSAT team and will provide ground receiving services with the collaboration of ASRI ground station.[citation needed]

INSA is also the Israeli representative of Pumpkin who is a manufacturer of CubeSat kits.[1][full citation needed]


On May 15, 2007, INSA held the first Israeli symposium on nanosatellites, that was held in IAF House in Herzliya.[citation needed]

On January 31, 2008, INSA held the Second Israeli symposium on nanosatellites, that was held as part of the Israeli 3rd International Space Convention. It took place in IAF House in Herzliya.


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