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Israel Television News Company Ltd.
Native name
חברת החדשות הישראלית בע"מ
Genre News production
Founded November 4, 1993; 24 years ago (1993-11-04)
Founder Eilon Shalev, Shalom Kital
Headquarters 'Kiryat ha'tikshoret' (Media's complex) of "Globus group" company in Neve Ilan on Jerusalem mountains, Israel
Key people
Avi Weiss - CEO
Yehuda Lancry - directorate's chairman
Yonit Levi - prime time news presenter
Products Television news programs and Items
Total equity 90 Million Shekels (2009 budget), 100 million Shekels (2008)
Number of employees
350 (without the Knesset Channel and the Israel Plus in Russian language)
Website On 'Keshet' (in Hebrew), on 'Reshet' (in Hebrew)

Israel Television News Company[1] (Hebrew: חברת החדשות הישראלית בע"מ‎, translit. Hevrat HaHadashot [HaYisra'elit], lit. '[Israeli] News Company'), is the shared news division of the Israeli television channels Keshet 12 and Reshet 13.

It originally served as the news department of Channel 2, where the bulletins were known as Hadashot 2 (Hebrew: החדשות 2‎, lit. '[Channel] 2 News'), and is funded by its concessionaires, Keshet Media Group and Reshet. Since the 1 November 2017 replacement of the network with two individual channels owned by the respective companies, its news programming has been split between the two channels, besides the flagship, prime time bulletin Hadashot at 8:00 p.m. IST, which is simulcast on both channels.[2][3]

Its studios are located in 'Kiryat ha'tikshoret' (lit. Media's complex) of "Globus group" company in Neve Ilan on Jerusalem mountains, since 2000. Prior to that, the studios were located at Jerusalem Capital Studios (Hebrew: אולפני הבירהUlpaney Habira) in 'Beit Eged' building in Jerusalem City.


Programs from Sunday to Thursday[edit]

  • "First Edition" at 16:30 - the first newscast of the day dealing with the news of Israel and the world today, presented by Oren Weigenfeld (alternately with Ofer Hadad or Dafna Liel) (broadcast since 2007).
  • "Six" at 18:00 - a daily affairs magazine that Oded Ben-Ami, Sivan Rahav-Meir, Arad Nir and Rina Matzliah offer alternately. (Originally "Five" with Rafi Reshef, and later with Gadi Sukenik, until 2002).
  • "The Economic Program" at 19:30 - a half-hour economic edition submitted by the economic correspondent, Keren Marciano (alternately with Gideon Oko and Oren Weigenfeld). The program is broadcast from 2007. Until August 2008, the program was called "The Economic Supplement". Until November 2017 was called "savings plan", and since the split broadcast program only in Keshet 12 under the name of the economic program.
  • "Main Edition" at 20:00 - The main news broadcast on weekdays. The program is usually alternately presented by Yonit Levy and Danny Kushmaro, or sometimes, Dana Weiss or Keren Marciano (alternately broadcast since 1993).
  • "Good Night Israel" at 23:15 on Wednesday and Thursday - night edition of the news - alternating presenters (airing from November 2013). Formerly known as "The Night News" and "The Night Plan". As of November 2017 the program is broadcast only on the network 13.

Programs on Friday regularly[edit]

  • "الأسبوع" (the week) at 13:30 - Arabic news magazine, presented by Forat Nassar.
  • "The Young Edition" - a summary of the week's news for children and youth, hosted by Gideon Oko and Liron Zaid, alternately at 14:00 and a replay on Saturday at 7:30. It also airs daily on the KidZ channel from Sunday to Thursday, previously broadcast on the children's channel and blog.
  • "This Week" at 19:30 - with Rina Matzliach, an early edition before the Friday Studio, which is broadcast only on Keshet 12.
  • "Friday's Studio" at 20:00 - a program of the company that integrates the news commentary this week, articles on various subjects and debriefings. The program's current anchor is Danny Kushmaro. In the past, the program was submitted by Gadi Sukenik, Emanuel Rosen, Oshrat Kotler, Dan Shilon, Aharon Barnea and Yair Lapid.

Programs on Saturday regularly[edit]

  • "World Order" at 17:00 - Foreign News Magazine, which reviews the events of the week in the world by the foreign news editor Arad Nir (aired from 2001 to 2007 in a daily framework and from 2007, alternately broadcast weekly with Arad Nir, foreign news editor, Aharon Barnea and Gideon Oko).
  • "Meet the Press" at 18:00 - a program in which the people who were at the center of news during the past week are interviewed by Rina Matzliach (broadcast since 1996). As of November 2017, the program is broadcast only on Reshet 13.
  • "Weekend News" at 20:00 - the company's weekend edition, the first part devoted to weekend headlines and the second to soft news and stories presented by Dana Weiss.

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