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The Israeli News Company Ltd.
חברת החדשות הישראלית בע"מ
Genre News
Founded November 4, 1993; 23 years ago (1993-11-04)
Founder Ya'akov Eilon, Shalom Kital
Headquarters 'Kiryat ha'tikshoret' (Media's complex) of "Globus group" company in Neve Ilan on Jerusalem mountains, Israel
Key people
Avi Vice - CEO, Yehuda Lancry - directorate's chairman, Yonit Levi - prime time news presenter
Products Television news programs and Items
Total equity 90 Million Shekels (2009 budget), 100 million Shekels (2008)
Number of employees
350 (without the Knesset Channel and the Israel Plus in Russian language)
Website On 'Keshet' (Hebrew), on 'Reshet' (Hebrew), On Israeli channel 2 website/ English (English)

Israeli News Company [1] (Hebrew: חֵבְרָת הַחדָשוֹת הישראלית ‎ - Hevrat HaHadashot HaYisra'elit), which is shortly called "The News Company" ("חברת החדשות" - Hevrat HaHadashot) and also known as חדשות ערוץ 2 lit. [Israeli] channel 2 news, or חדשות 2 lit. News 2) is an Israeli company producing the Prime time news program on the Israeli commercial Channel 2, and most of its current affairs and news programs and items for that commercial channel.

The company is financed by its two concessionaires, Keshet and Reshet (and In the past was also by Telad). The company's Prime time news program receives high ratings relatively to its competitors on other channels. Its main news program on prime time hour is currently presented by Yonit Levi, and Danny Kushmaro, and is the most watched program in a decade (In addition to being the first prime time news program on an Israeli commercial channel), and due to its high ratings, the program's presenters, reporters and commentators, past and present, have become known figures in Israel that are being identified with the term "current affairs".

The company's studios are located in 'Kiryat ha'tikshoret' (lit. Media's complex) of "Globus group" company in Neve Ilan on Jerusalem mountains, since 2000. Prior to that, the studios were located 'Ulpaney Habira' studios in 'Beit Eged' building in Jerusalem City.

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