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The Israeli Opera performing Aida at the foot of Masada, 11 June 2011
Aida at the foot of Masada, focusing on the set.

The Israeli Opera, formerly known as the New Israeli Opera, is the principal opera company of Israel. It was founded in 1985 after lack of Israeli government funding led to the demise of the Israel National Opera. Since 1994 the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center has been its main performance venue. The company also founded the Israeli Opera Festival which has performed large-scale outdoor productions, originally at Caesarea, and from 2010 in Masada.[1][2][3]

The company's General Director is Hanna Munitz (appointed in 1995). Its Music Director as of 2014 is Daniel Oren[4]

World premieres[edit]

Operas which were given their world premiere by Israeli Opera include:


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