Israeli presidential election, 1993

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Israeli presidential election, 1993
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Nominee Ezer Weizman Dov Shilansky
Party Labor Likud
Popular vote 66 53
Percentage 55% 45%

President before election

Chaim Herzog

Elected President

Ezer Weizman

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Elections for the President of Israel were held in the Knesset on 24 March 1993,[1] following the end of Chaim Herzog's second five-year term in office. Ezer Weizman, former Israeli Air Force commander and Defense Minister of Israel, ran against Dov Shilansky, a Likud politician. The Knesset elected Weizman, by a majority of 66 to 53 to serve as the next President of Israel. He assumed office as President on 13 May 1993.


Candidate Votes
Ezer Weizman 66
Dov Shilansky 53
Blank ballots 1
Total 120