Israeli presidential election, 1998

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Israeli presidential election, 1998
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4 March 1998 → 2000

  Ezer Weizman 1978-2.jpg
Nominee Ezer Weizman Shaul Amor
Party Labor Likud
Popular vote 63 49
Percentage 52.5% 40.5%

President before election

Ezer Weizman

Elected President

Ezer Weizman

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Elections for the President of Israel were held in the Knesset on 4 March 1998.[1] For the first time an incumbent President was challenged for the presidency, as Shaul Amor stood against Ezer Weizman. Weizman was re-elected by 63 to 49.


Candidate Votes
Ezer Weizman 63
Shaul Amor 49
Blank ballots 7
Total 119