Isrotel Tower

Coordinates: 32°4′36.30″N 34°46′2.74″E / 32.0767500°N 34.7674278°E / 32.0767500; 34.7674278
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Isrotel Tower
The Isrotel Tower in Tel Aviv, Israel.
General information
LocationTel Aviv, Israel
Coordinates32°4′36.30″N 34°46′2.74″E / 32.0767500°N 34.7674278°E / 32.0767500; 34.7674278
Cost$30 million
Roof108 m (354 ft)
Technical details
Floor count29
Design and construction
Architect(s)A Gvirtzman Architects

The Isrotel Tower is a hotel located on the beachfront of Tel Aviv, Israel.

The tower is 108 meters high, has 29 floors and is operated by the Israeli Isrotel hotel group. A Gvirtzman Architects designed the towers which were completed in 1966, whilst the main core was completed in the 1980s[citation needed]. The diameter of the structure is 29 meters and the tower is constructed on the site of the Gan Rina Theatre.[1] The hotel consists of 90 suites whilst the top floors house 62 apartments[citation needed]. The tower is constructed on a narrow pedestal.

The Nakash family purchased the tower for $150 million USD in April 2013.[2]

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