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Issa or ISSA may refer to:



  • Jane Siberry, a Canadian singer who released several albums under the name Issa
  • Issa (Senegalese singer), Issa Diop, singer, songwriter, and record producer
  • Issa, the nickname of Luttif Afif, a leader of the Black September terror squad at the 1972 Olympic Games

Given name

Middle name

  • Falaba Issa Traoré (1930–2003), Malian writer, comedian, playwright, and theatre and film director



Fictional characters[edit]



  • Miss Issa, actually Issa Bayaua, American model and R&B singer
  • Issa Album, 2017 album by 21 Savage


  • Issa (moth), a moth genus
  • Issa (clothing), London fashion company
  • IssA, a protein
  • Issa and Gurgura Liberation Front (IGLF), political faction in eastern Ethiopia, based amongst the Issa and Gurgura clans in northern Hararghe
  • Siege of Issa, siege that took place from 230 BC to 229 BC between the forces of the Ancient Greek colony of Issa, aided by the Roman Republic, and the Ardiaean Kingdom of Illyria

Acronyms and abbreviations[edit]