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Issam Eid
Born November 8[when?]
Beirut, Lebanon
Nationality Lebanese
Employer Trace Media
Notable works and roles Editor-in-Chief of "ArabWheels"

Issam Eid (Arabic: عصام عيد) (born November 8[when?] in Beirut, Lebanon) is a Lebanese-Canadian journalist/editor who is well known in the automotive world within the middle-east and the Persian Gulf region. He is between the young journalists who appeared in the automotive field from very early age. His first article "VW Beetle, the Love Bug"[1] was published in September 2005 in ArabWheels[2] magazine.

His articles ranged among ArabWheels and Telecom Review[3] from 2005 till now. In 2006, he practiced to race with his mentor the ex-Rally driver, Adel Metni. He wrote also for a period of time for 3arabiyi M3adali,[4] a Lebanese tuning corporation.

In 2008, Eid was elected president of the student council at the American University of Technology.[5] His name was mentioned in Al-Balad newspaper. On the same year, Issam has hosted a safety and entertaining campaign on campus entitled “Automotive Show” to avoid car accidents in Lebanon, featuring Lebanese Rally Champion Abdo Feghali.[6] It was covered by Al-Balad newspaper on the 28th of March 2008.[7] Issam was interviewed for a small career history about his involvement in motoring journalism in Al-Akhbar newspaper on the 5th of May 2008.[8]

In 2009, he got promoted to perform as the Operations Manager to supervise four magazines publications: ArabWheels, Telecom Review, Weddings and Sporteve, Technology & Telecom-T2. He went “On-The-Air” with his new fledging radio show named “Auto Strike” on the 9th of July 2010 on Radio Strike (97.4 – 97.7 FM). Auto Strike[9] with ArabWheels Magazine, finally a soundtrack to accompany the words. He was also nominated among the jury committee for the Custom Cup Design 2010[10] on the panel of judges.

In 2011, he went "On-The-Air" again but this time with the celebrated Sana Nasr – who presents the Lebanese Lottery on TV – on Melody FM (99.9 FM). He hosted the Technologia section during the Hawa Beirut morning show, a section all about the latest news in the automotive industry.

In November 2012, he was the only Lebanese motoring journalist to represent his country Lebanon as a jury member on the panel of judges in the Middle-East Motor Awards[11] that took place in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The Middle East Motor Awards (MEMA) is the biggest and the most coveted award of the Middle East automotive industry.

Eid is currently the Editor-in-Chief [12] of ArabWheels Magazine, Website and E-Newsletter owned by Trace Media[13] with five other publications: Telecom Review,[14] Telecom Review French Edition,[15] Teknotel,[16] Auto Info[17] and Weddings and Sporteve.[18]


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