Issam Rajji

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Issam Rajji
Background information
Native name عصام رجي
Birth name Issam Rajji
Born 1946
Kfarshima, Lebanon
Died 2001 (aged 55–56)
Genres Lebanese music
Years active 1970s–2001

Issam Rajji (Arabic: عصام رجي‎‎) (born 1945 in Kfarshima, Lebanon) was a Lebanese singer and song writer most prominent from 1970s and 80s period.

Best known for his songs Lagetek (When I Met You...), and “Yawmain wa Shahrain” (Two Days and Two Months), Rajji’s special deep vocals also earned him roles in Lebanon’s top musicals and plays in the 1970s and 1980s with the Rahbani brothers, Sabah, Shoushou and Nabih Aboulhosn.

Rajji was also an accomplished composer, and besides writing a great deal of his own music, he also wrote for Sabah (singer)

  • “Laylitna Saidi” (Happy is our Night)
  • “ya Nas Dinyi Doulab” (Oh People, Life is like a Wheel) -

Samir Yazbek

  • “al-Oyoun Assoud” (Black Eyes)
  • “Dakhlak Berdan” (I Feel Cold).

According to, when once asked about how he felt about dying, Rajji replied, “I hate death because it would separate me from the people I love.”[1]

Rajji went to Jordan for a while during the Lebanese civil war and married a Jordanian woman Nawal Elias and had three children with her Layal,Rami and Sariya. He and his family also lived in Oman for a long period of time but then returned permantly to Lebanon in 1993 after the civil war.[2]

He died in 2001 of a stroke after having a brain seizure.[3]