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In this Japanese name, the family name is Isshiki.

Isshiki clan (一色氏 Isshiki-shi?) is a Japanese kin group of the Sengoku period.[1]


The clan claimed descent from the Seiwa-Genji. The clan was founded by Ashikaga Kōshin (died 1330) who the son of Ashikaga Yasuuji (1216-1270).[2] Near the end of the 13th century, the Isshiki were established as head of Isshiki Domain in Mikawa Province;[1] and the name dates from this time.

The Isshiki held prominent offices in the bureaucracy of the Ashikaga shogunate.[1] The Isshiki were one of four clans with the right to be head (bettō) of the Samurai-dokoro or war department.[3]

After, the Isshiki were military governors of the province of Tango since 1336. In 1575, Oda Nobunaga confirmed their Tango Province.[4]

The family lost its domains during the wars of the Sengoku period.[1]

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