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Issi ben Judah (Hebrew: איסי בן יהודה‎‎, "Issi ben Yehuda", also known as Issi Ha-babli, lit. "Babylonian Issi"), was a Tanna of the latter part of the 2nd century and the beginning of the 3rd century. He made Aliyah from Hutzal, Babylon, to the Land of Israel, and thus was also nicknamed "Issi Ha-Babli" or "Jose the man of Hutzal". He was a disciple of Eleazar ben Shammua.

He is known for his positive rabbinical opinion on "You shall rise in the presence of the aged" (Leviticus 19:32), which in other rabbinical sages' opinions is said only of an elderly Talmid Chacham, and in his opinion is said of any aged person.

His opinions regarding culpability for sabbath transgressions and regarding anyone's right to eat from another's vineyard were recorded in the so-called Meggilat Setarim (Scroll of Hidden Things). However, in both cases his opinion is rejected by the Rabbis.[1]


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