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Coordinates: 1°17′57.41″N 103°50′37.62″E / 1.2992806°N 103.8437833°E / 1.2992806; 103.8437833

Istana Park, Singapore
The Festival Arch at the Istana Park serves as the gateway to Singapore's Civic District.

The Istana Park (Chinese: 总统府公园) is a park in Singapore, located in the Museum Planning Area within the Central Area, Singapore's central business district. The park is bounded by Orchard Road, Penang Road, Penang Lane and Buyong Road.

The park is a landmark situated in front of the Presidential Residence, the Istana. It has an area of 13,000 square metres. The Istana Park serves as a gateway to Singapore's Civic District Trail, which aims to educate visitors of the rich history of Singapore.


The Istana Park was completed in 1995. It was designed and built as an extension to the main entrance of the Istana. The Istana, located across the road, Orchard Road, from the park, is the official residence of the President of Singapore.


The centrepiece of the park is the 26 metre high Festival Arch rising out of a shallow reflecting pool. The design of the stainless steel and concrete structure was inspired by the gateposts and railings at the Istana's entrance. The Festival Arch forms the gateway to Singapore's Civic District, the cultural and historic heart of the city. The arch enhances the visual link across Orchard Road.

The park has a large shallow reflecting pool, the first of its kind in Singapore. Coconut palms at the adjoining Palm Pools reinforces the impression of the Istana Park as a tropical oasis in the heart of Orchard Road.

Fronting the main gate of the Istana, the park provides a vantage point for visitors keen to view the monthly changing of guards’ ceremony at the Istana entrance. In the evenings, the park is transformed into an "oasis of light". The park is one of the venues identified for enhanced lighting under the Urban Redevelopment Authority's (URA) lighting master plan.

Musical and cultural performances at the Istana Park are featured on the first Sunday of every month.

There is a restaurant called Giraffe Restaurant at Istana Park which is available to all for dining. Everyone can also participate/join in the concerts and performances held.

Popular Culture[edit]

Istana Park was served as the place for a U-Turn in the 9th Leg of the sixteenth season of the Amazing Race.

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