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Istanbul Bilgi University
Istanbul Bilgi.jpg
Motto "Non scholae sed vitae discimus"
Motto in English
We do not learn for the school, but for life
Type Private
Established 1996
Rector Prof. Dr. Remzi Sanver
Location Istanbul
Campus Santralistanbul • Dolapdere • Kuştepe



Istanbul Bilgi University (Turkish: İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi) is a private university in Istanbul, Turkey. According to the university webpage, The Bilgi Education and Culture Foundation was founded on 31 October 1994 in Istanbul in accordance with the following provision of the Turkish Civil Law: “To found and operate educational institutions and foundation based higher education institutions of every degree and quality and provide teaching in foreign languages, social sciences, sciences, and technology, to conduct scientific and cultural research, to found and operate museums that aim to protect the country’s cultural heritage, to conduct seminars, briefings, conferences, and similar gatherings to develop the country’s cultural position, and to provide aid or financial aid to people and corporations that conduct cultural activities.” In 1994, a precursor to the University was the Istanbul School of International Studies, operated in partnership with Portsmouth University and the London School of Economics offering courses in Business Administration, International Relations, Economics, and LSE Economics programs. Istanbul Bilgi University opened in earnest in 1996. The university is recognized as a pioneer in providing a liberal arts-oriented curriculum in Turkey. Istanbul Bilgi University joined Laureate International Universities in 2006 and is one of the largest private universities in the country.

Istanbul Bilgi University ranks third among private foundation universities in Turkey for its undergraduate placement according to the 2011 National Student Selection and Placement Center (National Exam Center) and is ranked among the top 10 institutions of higher education in Turkey, according to Webometrics. Its law school is ranked one of the nation's top three. Bilgi faculty and alumni have been honored with World Bank and OECD Global Development Learning Network recognition, American Academy of Achievement Award, Cannes Lions Young Entrepreneurs Award, and Restfest Film and Digital Arts Festival Award.

BILGI's Dolapdere campus received the 2002 "Structure and Life Architecture Award" and the 2005 "European Award for Steel Structure."

On February 10, 2009, Istanbul Bilgi University announced that it would join the Laureate International Universities network. In Turkish, Bilgi means knowledge.



Bilgi is administrated by a Board of Trustees has 9 members. The university's rector is elected by a vote of the board members every four years.

Istanbul Bilgi University is a member of the European University Association (EUA), the International Association of Universities (IAU) and the OECD/IMHE (Program on Institutional Management in Higher Education). Bilgi is also an active participant in the Erasmus exchange network and has strong academic affiliations with numerous universities abroad.

Bilgi has 6 faculties, a vocational school, and 4 institutions which form the university's graduate school.

  • Faculty of Communication
    • Advertising
    • Art Management
    • Cultural Management
    • Film and Television
    • Management of Performing Arts
    • Media and Communication Systems
    • Photography and Video
    • Public Relations
    • Television Reporting and Programming
    • Visual Communication Design
  • Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
    • Business Administration
    • Business Economics
    • Business Informatics
    • Economics
    • Economics and Management Honours
    • Economics Honours
    • European Union Studies
    • International Finance
    • International Relations
    • International Trade and Business
    • Mathematics and Economics Honors
    • Political Economy and Social Philosophy
    • Political Science
  • Faculty of Law
    • Law
  • Faculty of Arts and Science
    • Comparative Literature
    • Computer Science
    • Financial Mathematics
    • History
    • Mathematics
    • Music
    • Psychology
    • Sociology
    • English Language Teacher Education
  • School of Advanced Vocational Studies
    • Design and Printing-Publishing
    • International Trade Management
    • Management
    • Online Journalism and Publishing
    • Photography and Videography
    • Public Relations and Advertising
    • Radio and Television Programming
  • Faculty of Architecture
    • Architecture
    • Interior Design
    • Industrial Design
  • Faculty of Engineering
    • Bioengineering
    • Computer Engineering
    • Computer Engineering (BILGI- University of Liverpool / Dual Degree)
    • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    • Electrical and Electronics Engineering (BILGI- University of Liverpool / Dual Degree)
    • Energy Systems Engineering
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
  • Graduate School
    • Institute of Social Sciences
    • Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences
    • MArch in Architectural Design
    • European Institute
  • Graduate Programs
    • PhD in Economics
    • PhD in Mathematics
    • PhD in Organization Studies
    • PhD in Political Science
    • MA in Comparative Literature
    • MA in Cultural Studies
    • MA in Cultural Management
    • MA in Clinical Psychology
    • MA in European Studies
    • MA in Film and Television
    • MA in History
    • MA in Human Resource Management
    • MA in International Political Economy
    • MA in International Relations
    • MA in Marketing Communication
    • MA in Philosophy and Social Thought
    • MA in Psychology
    • MArch in Architectural Design
    • MBA
    • e-MBA
    • MFA in Visual Communication Design
    • MSc in Economics
    • MSc in Mathematichs
    • MSc in Financial Economics
    • MSc in Accounting and Auditing
    • MSc in International Finance
    • LL.M. in Business Law
    • LL.M. in Human Rights Law

Student activities[edit]

Student union[edit]

Students at Bilgi are represented by a Student Union elected by the students each year during the fall semester. The union has the right to interfere in various issues regarding the school. Academic representatives from each department, elected by the students in the fall semester, are also a part of the union.

Student clubs[edit]

  • The Internationals
  • Anatolian Youth Club
  • Bioengineering Club
  • Art Club
  • Bilgi Community Club
  • Business Economics Club
  • Chess Club
  • Cinema at Bilgi Club
  • Colours of Bilgi Club
  • Dance Club
  • Ecological Life Club
  • Forum of European Journalism Students Club
  • History Research Club
  • Japanese Club
  • Literature Club
  • Martial Arts Club
  • Model United Nations Club [1]
  • Modern Lawyers Club
  • Mountaineering Club
  • Public Relations Club [2]
  • Psychology Club
  • Rainbow LGBT Club
  • Rintintin Animal Rights Club
  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Club [3]
  • Rock Club
  • Social Sciences Club
  • Socialist Thinking Club
  • Substance Abuse Prevention Club
  • Theatre Candela
  • Theatre Triole
  • Travel Club
  • Turkish Club
  • uA Bilgi Uni Club
  • Women in Business Club

Libraries and Museums[edit]

Bilgi has three libraries, one in the Dolapdere campus, one in the Kuştepe campus, and one in the SantralIstanbul campus. Bilgi Library offers an extensive system to support university degree programs, research and teaching. The virtual library contains more than 25.000 electronic books, 23.000 electronic journals, 37 electronic databases and encyclopedias. Access to these resources is available over internet, on-campus and off-campus.

In addition to its library at the SantralIstanbul campus, Bilgi opened a modern arts museum, named Santralistanbul, which hosts conferences, seminars, and exhibitions started in the fall semester of 2007.

Notable past and present faculty[edit]

Alumni Association[edit]

Istanbul Bilgi University Alumni Association (Bilgim) was established on 16.11.2009 by the following alumni:

Serkan Memisoglu, Candemir Baltali, Nezahet Tokyay, Bahar Moraligil, Mehmet Emin Alkan, Burak Alkan, Burcu Yatmazoglu, Mervan Eren Gul, Muhammed Talha Erol, Osman Tunc Abraz, Ali Korur, Osman Yilmaz, Murat Tutuncu, Asli Uzunlu, Israfil Coskun, Ozgur Sagmal, Zeynep Tuluce, Aylin Aydogan, Onur Erdem, Doguscan Oto, Ulgen Cetinkaya, Abdulkadir Onal

Bilgim also publishes monthly magazine Vitae and sends electronic newsletter Bilgim Updater to alumni. Association has also a training center called Bilgim Academy.

In 2012 Association also announced its new services Bilgim HR which provides HR solutions to Bilgi Community.

Notable Alumni[edit]

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