Armenian Catholic Archeparchy of Baghdad

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The Armenian Catholic Archeparchy of Baghdad is a non-metropolitan Archeparchy (Eastern Catholic archdiocese) of the Armenian Catholic Church, covering Iraq.

It is directly dependent of the Armenian Catholic Patriarch of Cilicia, but not part of his Metropolitan ecclesiastical province.

Its cathedral episcopal see is the Cathedral of Our Lady of Nareg, in the Iraqi national capital Baghdad, after which the archeparchy s colloquially known as Baghdad of the Armenians.


It was established on 29 June 1954, on territory split off from the (now titular) Armenian Catholic Archeparchy of Mardin (which simultaneously lost territory to establish the Eparchy of Kameshli (Al-Qamishli, in Syria), and was itself suppressed in 1972), whose Eparch was transferred to the Baghdad daughter see.

Episcopal ordinaries[edit]

Non-Metropolitan Archeparchs (Archbishops) of Baghdad of the Armenians.

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