Istaravshan District

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Istaravshan District
Location of Istaravshan District in Tajikistan
Location of Istaravshan District in Tajikistan
Country  Tajikistan
Province Sughd
Capital Istaravshan
Time zone TJT (UTC+5)

Istaravshan District or Nohiya-i Istaravshan (Tajik: Ноҳияи Истаравшан), formerly Uroteppa (or Ura-Tyube) District (Tajik: Уротеппа, Russian: Ура-Тюбе), is a district in the central part of Sughd province, Tajikistan, between the border with Uzbekistan to the west and Ghonchi district to the east.[1] Its capital is Istaravshan (called Ura-Tyube until 2000).

Administrative divisions[edit]

The district is divided administratively into jamoats. They are as follows (and population).[2]

Jamoats of Istaravshan District
Jamoat Population
Nijoni 7747
Frunze 11058
Kommunizm 22190
Guli surkh 28799
Poshkent 13292
Pravda 11652
Javkandak 7535
Leninobod 11468
Qalaibaland 6759
Nofaroj 7343


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