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LocationEngerdal, Hedmark, Norway
Coordinates61°58′N 11°48′E / 61.967°N 11.800°E / 61.967; 11.800Coordinates: 61°58′N 11°48′E / 61.967°N 11.800°E / 61.967; 11.800

Isteren is a lake in the municipality of Engerdal, which is in Hedmark county, Norway. Isteren is a nutritious lake with a large diversity of species.[1] It is a popular fishing area, and the chances for the good catch is certainly present. In the summer of 2006, a trout weighing 9,250 kg was caught with a rod from a small boat. It is also rich in whitefish, pike, perch, grayling, burbot and herring.[citation needed] Around the lake there are two fish mounds and some single cabins.[1]

The northern flowing river Sømåa flows into Isteren. It is a river with a rich bird life, especially in the spring. Here one can observe rare species of migrating birds.[citation needed]


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