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European Institute of Design
Istituto Europeo di Design
Established 1966
President Fancesco Morelli
Administrative staff
1200 (freelance) 300 (in-house)
Students 8000
Location Turin, Milan, Rome, Venice, Cagliari, Florence, Barcelona, Madrid, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing, Shanghai

The Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) is a design school in Italy.

The school is organized into four disciplines: Design, Fashion, Visual Communication and Management.

It is spread over nine cities—Milan, Turin, Venice, Cagliari, Florence, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid and São Paulo—and thirteen locations which occupy more than 50,000 square meters of space. It offers 29 different courses of three-year duration, in several languages: English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. These courses are attended by about 10,000 students every year, totaling to more than 90,000 students, for the Institute's forty-year history. It boasts[citation needed] that ninety percent of its graduates find work within six months of graduation.

Facts and figures[edit]

The Istituto Europeo di Design, located in Italy, allows students to study for a Bachelor of Arts degree. Those who successfully complete the three-year course, obtain the 'Diploma Accademico di primo Livello' (i.e., Academic Diploma, First Level) which is legally recognized by the MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research) in the category of High Artistic Training (Ministerial Decree 10 December 2010 n. 292).

In Spain, the Institute offers the Bachelor of Arts with Honours. Students who complete the four-year course obtain a Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree, that is legally recognized by the Ministry of Education nationally and internationally.[citation needed]

In Brazil, the IED offers the Diploma Universitário, which can be obtained after a three-year course in Fashion, Design and Visual Arts that is legally recognized by the MEC (Ministério da Educação e Cultura), through Decree n º 885, of 18/09/2009.

In China, the institute offers the Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Fashion, Visual Arts, Industrial Design and project management.

In collaboration with Muhammad Yunus, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, the IED launched a social project focused on sustainable design business. Seven of the IED's best students are allowed to travel for a month with Professor Yunus in Haiti, Albania and Colombia with the goal of improving the lives of the poor, by using local materials and labor to create products and services at fair prices.

Brief history[edit]

The school was first founded in 1966 in Milan by Francesco Morelli.

"We founded the Istituto Europeo di Design in 1966 under a guiding idea that ever since has inspired didactic methods and educational pathways: the philosophies of "knowing" and "knowing-how to" must grow and mature together. Directly tackling the process of knowledge acquisition enabled us to understand its innermost meaning. Respecting the mindsets of the market and of the academic thinking, we opted for a more authentic, up-to-date culture of design. We conceived and built the school of projects: an authentic and modern culture. Over decades of practice, we have dug into knowledge, analyzed all processes of doing and verified theories.

Now we fully understand what carrying out an idea right up to its concrete realization means, and today we teach how to do this. Five seats – and the intention of becoming more and more projected towards a consolidated international dimension – giving evidence of our history and the spirit that has led our activities to the present day."

-IED Founder and President Francesco Morelli

IED, considered one of the best design schools in Italy [according to whom?], is starting one-year program in luxury brand management at IED Rome and is expected to take prospective students from all over world.

IED in Rome[edit]

IED chose Rome as it is a city where art and history instil a special flavour into design disciplines. The courses in Rome benefit from the opportunity to refer culturally to a wealth of tradition. They are able to focus on innovation and experimentation. IED courses in Rome have a special focus in the areas of cinema, television and the new media. Notable teachers include Lara Aragno, Viviana Gravano, Giulio Mazzarini, Emiliano Cappai, Michela Bonafoni, Bonizza Giordani and many others.

IED in Milan[edit]

IED chose Milan for one if its campuses as Milan falls in the category of one of the main fashion cities in the world. With immense talent and opportunity, IED attracts many international students along with national students. With excellent faculty and other services, IED Milano has one of the finest graduates. IED has two campuses in Milan, IED Moda and IED Design in two different locations. IED Milan website

IED in Madrid[edit]

IED chose Madrid for the dynamism that shoots right through its economy, culture, art and design. IED courses in Madrid work to reflect that vigor while training professionals who are capable of managing continuous developing contexts. The city's cultural links with Latin America provide a future stimulus to growth and enrichment. IED Madrid website

IED in Turin[edit]

IED Turin, operating since 1989, is located in a fascinating residential area in the city centre. More than 2500 square metres of schoolrooms and labs and an internal garden 500 square metres large host more than 800 students every year, both Italian and foreigners, offering the opportunity of studying in an international atmosphere, open to cultural exchange. IED Turin website

Notable people[edit]




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