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iStorez, Inc.
Founded 2006
Headquarters Sunnyvale, California, United States
Key people
Anand Jagannathan, Founder, President & CEO and Shabd Vaid, Co-founder, Vice President, Engineering & Operations

iStorez, Inc. was a comparison shopping website that specialized in discounted products.[1] It was acquired by TheFind in August 2009, likely for under $500,000.[2]


iStorez launched in beta on January 30, 2008,[3] and launched publicly on November 12, 2008.[4] It was founded by Anand Jagannathan, CEO of parent company Kriyari, Inc., and founder of three other start-ups including Banyan Systems and Responsys. iStorez is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

Business model[edit]

  • iStorez allowed users to create a personal mall that reflects their favorite stores and styles, and to track trends and special promotions according to customized interests.[5]
  • It allowed visitors to shop by theme/category. For example, visitors can search for fashion trends, special occasions, holidays etc., or sort their search by price, size, personality or fabric texture.[6]
  • iStorez widgets for facebook, MySpace and other social networks allowed users to share information on fashion trends and shopping deals.[7]

Industry Awards & Recognition[edit]

iStorez was a 2009 Codie awards finalist for 'Best eCommerce Solution'.[8]