Istrian Spring Trophy

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Istrian Spring Trophy
Race details
Local name(s)Istarsko proljeće (in Croatian)
DisciplineRoad race
CompetitionUCI Europe Tour
TypeStage race
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First edition1961 (1961)
Editions59 (as of 2019)
First winner Nevio Valčić (YUG)
Most wins Janez Zakotnik (YUG) (4 wins)
Most recent Felix Gall (AUT)

Istrian Spring Trophy (Croatian: Istarsko proljeće) is a stage road bicycle race held annually in the Croatian part of the Istria peninsula. The race was first organized in 1961 as a small competition reserved to local cyclists. In 2000, it was opened to professional riders; since 2005, it is rated as a 2.2 event on the UCI Europe Tour. Before 2006, the race was called "Jadranska magistrala".

The 2012 edition of the race featured a prologue and three stages totaling 487 kilometres (303 mi), and was contested by more than 200 cyclists from 35 teams.[1]


Year Country Rider Team
1961  Yugoslavia Nevio Valčić
1962  Yugoslavia Nevio Valčić
1963  Yugoslavia Lino Sebelić
1964  Yugoslavia Joce Santavec
1965  Yugoslavia Franc Škerlj
1966  Yugoslavia Franc Škerlj
1967  Yugoslavia Cvitko Bilić
1968  Yugoslavia Cvitko Bilić
1969  Yugoslavia Milivoj Pocrnja
1970  Yugoslavia Cvitko Bilić
1971  Yugoslavia Janez Zakotnik
1972  Yugoslavia Janez Zakotnik
1973  Yugoslavia Ivan Kastelic
1974  Yugoslavia Janez Zakotnik
1975  Yugoslavia Branko Bedeković
1976  Yugoslavia Bojan Ropret
1977  Yugoslavia Janez Zakotnik
1978  Yugoslavia Drago Frelih
1979  Yugoslavia Bojan Ropret
1980  Yugoslavia Vinko Polončič
1981  Yugoslavia Bruno Bulić
1982  Yugoslavia Milan Petros
1983  Yugoslavia Petar Stojanović
1984  Yugoslavia Primož Čerin
1985  Yugoslavia Andrej Zaubi
1986  Yugoslavia Željko Pavlić
1987  Yugoslavia Marko Polanc
1988  Yugoslavia Robert Pintarič
1989  Yugoslavia Gorazd Penko
1990  Yugoslavia Marko Polanc
1991  Yugoslavia Aleš Pagon
1992  Slovenia Jure Robič
1993  Estonia Andres Lauk
1994  Slovenia Sandi Papež
1995  Bulgaria Stanimir Odrinski
1996  Italy Luca Manfredini
1997  Slovenia Andrej Hauptman
1998  Austria Mathias Buxhofer
1999  Austria Arno Kaspert
2000  Croatia Vladimir Miholjević KRKA-Telekom Slovenije
2001  Slovenia Andrej Hauptman Tacconi Sport-Vini Caldirola
2002  Slovenia Jure Golčer Perutnina Ptuj-KRKA Telekom
2003  Netherlands Pieter Weening Rabobank TT3
2004  Slovenia Jure Zrimšek Perutnina Ptuj-KRKA Telekom
2005  Slovenia Borut Božič Perutnina Ptuj
2006  Slovenia Borut Božič Perutnina Ptuj
2007  Norway Edvald Boasson Hagen Maxbo-Bianchi
2008  Italy Eddy Ratti Nippo-Endeka
2009  Slovenia Mitja Mahorič Radenska KD Financial Point
2010  Slovenia Robert Vrečer Perutnina Ptuj
2011  Slovenia Robert Vrečer Perutnina Ptuj
2012  Austria Markus Eibegger RC Arbö–Wels–Gourmetfein
2013  Slovenia Matej Mugerli Adria Mobil
2014  Denmark Magnus Cort Cult Energy–Vital Water
2015  Austria Markus Eibegger Synergy Baku
2016  Belgium Olivier Pardini Wallonie-Bruxelles–Group Protect
2017  Slovenia Matej Mugerli Amplatz–BMC
2018  Norway Krister Hagen Team Coop
2019  Austria Felix Gall Development Team Sunweb


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