István Kühár

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István Kühár
István Kühár
Born (1887-08-28)August 28, 1887
Gradišče, Tišina
Died January 1, 1922(1922-01-01)
Nationality Slovene
Occupation Roman Catholic priest, politician, and writer

István Kühár (Slovene: Števan Kühar) (August 28, 1887 – January 1, 1922) was a Slovene Roman Catholic priest, politician, and writer in Hungary, and later in Yugoslavia.

He was born in Gradišče, near Tišina, to József Kühár and Katalin Gombócz. His mother was a daughter of a petty nobleman. His brother János Kühar was also a writer that promoted Prekmurje Slovene. Between 1917 and 1922, he was the parish priest in Beltinci.

Politically, Kühar favored the secession of the Hungarian Slovenes from Hungary and their autonomy in Slovenia. Kühar, József Klekl, József Szakovics, József Csárics, and Iván Bassa advocated autonomy for Prekmurje in 1918 and 1919. After World War I, Kühar identified with Prekmurje Slovene in Yugoslavia. Kühar was an editor of the Catholic newspaper Marijin list.


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