Isuzu Erga Mio

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Isuzu Erga Mio
KushiroBus 17 ErgaMio.jpg
Manufacturer J-Bus.[1]
Production 1999-Present
Body and chassis
Class Buses
Body style Bus
Related Hino Rainbow II
Engine 6HK1, 6HF1 , 6HH1
Transmission Isuzu (manual), ZF (automatic)
Wheelbase 3.4meter, 3.75meter, 4.4meter
Predecessor Isuzu Journey-K

The Isuzu Erga Mio (kana:いすゞ・エルガミオ) is a medium-duty city bus marketed by the Japanese manufacturer Isuzu since 1999 and the second midibus in the Mio medium-duty franchise, after the tourist coach Gala Mio. It is built by J-Bus.[2]


  • KK-LR233E1/F1/J1 (1999)
  • PA-LR234J1 (2004)
  • PDG-LR234J2 (2007)
  • SDG-LR290J1 (2011)
  • SKG-LR290J1 (2012)

Model lineup[edit]

  • One Step 7m/9m
  • Two Step 9m
  • Non Step 9m

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