Isuzu River

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Isuzu River
Uji-bashi 01.JPG
People entering Ise Grand Shrine must cross the Isuzu River via the Uji Bridge
Physical characteristics
 - locationMount Kamiji
River mouth 
 - locationIse Bay

The Isuzu River (五十鈴川, Isuzu-gawa) is a river that has both its source and its mouth in the city of Ise, Mie Prefecture, Japan. The river is notable because it flows through Ise Grand Shrine and, due to its strong association with the Shrine, many songs and poems have been written about it throughout history. The Uji Bridge in Uji, Kyoto, which serves as the entrance to Ise Grand Shrine, crosses the Isuzu River.

Isuzu Motors company is named after the river.


Mie Prefecture


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34°30′56″N 136°44′38″E / 34.515682°N 136.743944°E / 34.515682; 136.743944Coordinates: 34°30′56″N 136°44′38″E / 34.515682°N 136.743944°E / 34.515682; 136.743944 (confluence with Seta River)