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The Isyana Dynasty, rulers of the Kingdom of Medang, was a dynasty of the Hindu Medang Kingdom on the island of Java. It followed the Sanjaya Dynasty, and was established by Mpu Sindok, who moved the capital of the Mataram Kingdom from Central Java to East Java around the year 928. The name "Isyana" came from the name of Mpu Sindok's daughter and successor, "Sri Isyanatunggawijaya", who in turn was succeeded by Makutawangsawardhana, followed by Dharmawangsa. The reign of the Isyana Dynasty came to an end when the Sriwijaya empire attacked and destroyed the capital of Watugaluh in 1006. Eventually, the ruler Airlangga restored and reunited the kingdom as Kahuripan kingdom. Airlangga's heirs ruled the kingdom of Kediri and are thought to be the continuation of the Isyana Dynasty.

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