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For the 2004 biopic about Cole Porter, see De-Lovely.

"It's De-Lovely" is one of Cole Porter's hit songs, originally appearing in his 1936 musical, Red Hot and Blue. It was introduced by Ethel Merman and Bob Hope. The song was later used in the musical Anything Goes, first appearing in the 1962 revival where it was sung by Hal Linden and Barbara Lang. The hit records in late 1936 and early 1937 included versions by Eddy Duchin, Shep Fields, and Will Osborne. Kitty Brown also recorded the song with Les Brown's Band of Renown.[1]

The song played with words that have the prefix "de", which leads to the creation of the neologism "de-lovely": "It's de-lightful, it's de-licious, it's de-lovely."

Robbie Williams sang the song in the Cole Porter biopic, De-Lovely.

The song was used by the Chrysler Corporation in advertising DeSoto automobiles, changing the lyrics to "Its delovely, its dynamic, its DeSoto."[2] A 1970s commercial for 7Up used the song, describing it as "de-sugarfree".


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