It's a Sunshine Day

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For the song by Jethro Tull, see Sunshine Day.

"It's a Sunshine Day" is a 1973 song from the popular television sitcom The Brady Bunch. "It's a Sunshine Day" first appeared on the January 26, 1973 episode of The Brady Bunch, entitled "Amateur Night", and performed by The Brady Bunch Kids (composed of the children of the fictional Brady family).

The song was written by Steve McCarthy and featured in the episode's opening act. Solos are performed by Eve Plumb, Susan Olsen, Mike Lookinland and Maureen McCormick, who portray Jan, Cindy, Bobby and Marcia Brady, respectively. Lookinland's solo part occurs twice. Each soloist steps forward to sing his or her part, with the exception of Lookinland's second solo, wherein he remains in linear position with the other singers. As the song concludes, the Brady kids bow in unison with both the music and vocals fading, which gives the impression the song was lip-synched.

Within the episode, "It's a Sunshine Day" is the Bradys' audition song, with which they hope to be asked to perform on a televised amateur show. Later, the group performs a different song, called "Keep On."

It was also featured in The Brady Kids episode "You Took The Words Right Out Of My Tape."

In the 1995 film The Brady Bunch Movie, excerpts of the original song are heard as the family takes a tour of Sears.

Plot synopsis of "Amateur Night"[edit]

The Brady children decide to raise money to buy their parents, Mike and Carol, a new silver platter for their anniversary, and figure they have a bargain when Jan tells them the price of the engraving is 85 cents. However, the sales clerk tells Jan that she misunderstood the pricing system — it was 85 cents per letter, and the entire 63-letter engraving ("MOM AND DAD, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, ALL OUR LOVE, GREG MARCIA PETER JAN BOBBY CINDY"), plus 5% tax, will cost $56.23.

Well short of the funds, the Brady children brainstorm ways to raise the funds; Bobby and Cindy even attempt to get a loan from a neighborhood bank. The kids eventually deciding to enter the "Pete Sterne Amateur Hour" talent contest, where the grand prize is $100. Calling themselves "The Silver Platters" (after their intended gift), they attempt to rehearse their act in secret, giving hasty explanations whenever spotted by their parents, Mike and Carol, or the family's housemaid, Alice.

"It's a Sunshine Day" is performed for Pete Sterne in rehearsal, after which Sterne invites them to perform on the television show, to be broadcast live. The Bradys perform "Keep On" for the competitive portion of the show. Alice inadvertently turns on the TV, sees the beginning of the Silver Platters' live performance, recognizes the performers and excitedly calls Mike and Carol into the room. They hear Greg explain the siblings' plans, and Mike and Carol are touched. In the end, the Silver Platters place third, with a dog act called "Patty's Prancing Poodles" winning the competition (the second place prize is never revealed).

In the end, Mike pays the remaining cost of the platter.

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