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Östra centrum
Position of Itäkeskus within Helsinki
Subdivisions of Helsinki
Subdivision number 457
District Eastern
Area 1.17 km²
Population data
 - Population 4,833 (2005)
 - Pop. density 4,131 (2005) /km²
Postal codes 00930
Subdivision regions none
Neighbouring subdivisions Puotinharju, Puotila, Marjaniemi, Roihuvuori

Itäkeskus (Swedish: Östra centrum) is a quarter in the neighbourhood of Vartiokylä (as of the 1980s) in the eastern part of Helsinki. The district's main attraction is the largest covered-in shopping mall in the Nordic countries, Itis. The district has a station on the Helsinki Metro (Itäkeskus metro station).

The Itäkeskus swimming hall was built in 1993.


Results of the Finnish parliamentary election, 2011 in Itäkeskus:

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Itäkeskuksen maamerkki (82 m) is the 4th highest housed building in Finland.
Hullut päivät campaign in the Itäkeskus shopping mall.

Coordinates: 60°12′40″N 25°04′55″E / 60.21111°N 25.08194°E / 60.21111; 25.08194