Itäkeskus metro station

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Östra centrum
Helsinki Metro station
Itäkeskus metro station 2010.jpg
Coordinates 60°12′37″N 25°4′41″E / 60.21028°N 25.07806°E / 60.21028; 25.07806Coordinates: 60°12′37″N 25°4′41″E / 60.21028°N 25.07806°E / 60.21028; 25.07806
Owned by Helsinki City Transport
Platforms Side platforms
Tracks 3
Connections bus lines: 54, 58/B, 82/B, 90A/N, 92, 93/K, 94/N, 95, 97/N/V, 98, 550, 554/K, 561, 801, 802, 805, 841
Opened 1982
Preceding station   HKL   Following station
toward Ruoholahti
Helsingin metro logo.svg
Northern Branch
toward Mellunmäki
Helsingin metro logo.svg
Eastern Branch
toward Vuosaari

Itäkeskus (Finnish) or Östra centrum (Swedish) is a ground-level station on the Helsinki Metro. It serves the Itäkeskus shopping centre and surrounding areas in East Helsinki. After the Itäkeskus station, there is a fork in the metro line: one branch continues north towards Mellunmäki, while another goes east towards Vuosaari.

The Itäkeskus station was one of the first metro stations opened in Helsinki, on 1 June 1982, and was designed by Jaakko Ylinen and Jarmo Maunula. It is located 2.1 kilometres from the Siilitie metro station, 1.9 kilometres from the Myllypuro metro station, and 1.0 kilometres from the Puotila metro station.

Eastern entrance to the westbound platform


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