Itō (name)

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Family name
Pronunciation I-to-o
Region of origin Japan
Language(s) of origin Japanese
Footnotes: [1]

Itō (伊藤) is the sixth most common Japanese family name. Other ways of writing of this name are for example 伊東 and 伊都. Phonetically they are the same. Surnames with this sound can also be romanized as Ito, Itou or Itoh.

Ito (糸) is a Japanese noun meaning "thread; yarn; string",[2] and is also used as a surname in Japan.

In mathematics, Itō may refer to Itō's lemma used in stochastic calculus, or it may refer to the Itoh-Tsujii inversion algorithm in field theory.


Fictional characters[edit]

  • Itō (伊藤 Itō) from Hikaru no Go
  • Keita Itō of Gakuen Heaven
  • Makoto Ito from School Days
  • Miura Ito from W Juliet
  • Satomi Ito, a character in MTV's cult television series Teen Wolf, the oldest known Alpha werewolf and leader of a large pack, who aids lead character and True Alpha werewolf Scott McCall and his pack in dealing with supernatural drama. She was also notable for being a Japanese-American internee during World War II in the series.



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