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Itō Mancio, by an Italian painter Domenico Tintoretto(late 16c.)

Itō Mancio (伊東マンショ, c.1569 – 13 November 1612) was a Japanese catholic priest. He was born in Tonokoori-gun,[1](now Saito, Miyazaki), to a noble family.

Itō Mancio studied a theology and latin at the seminary in Nagasaki. He was travels to Europe, where he met with Pope Gregory XIII in Rome.[2]

He returned to Japan in 1590, who joined to the Society of Jesus in 1593, and later became a priest.

He engaged in missionary work in northwest of Japan, but as soon as he expel from the local Kokura Domain, who would then move to the Nakatsu Domain. Itō Mancio was finally exiled to Nagasaki and became a teacher of seminary, where he died of disease on 1612.

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