It's... Madness Too

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It's... Madness Too
It's... Madness Too.jpg
Compilation album by Madness
Released October 1991
Recorded 1979-1984
Label Virgin Records
Madness chronology
It's... Madness
It's... Madness Too
Divine Madness
Re-release cover
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Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars link

It's... Madness Too is a compilation album by the British pop band Madness, released in 1991. It combines some of the band's hit singles and b-sides and is a sequel to It's... Madness, released the previous year.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Prince"
  2. "Madness"
  3. "One Step Beyond"
  4. "Mistakes"
  5. "The Return of the Los Palmas 7"
  6. "Night Boat to Cairo"
  7. "Shut Up"
  8. "A Town With No Name"
  9. "Cardiac Arrest"
  10. "In the City"
  11. "Our House"
  12. "Walking with Mr. Wheeze"
  13. "Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)"
  14. "Victoria Gardens"
  15. "The Sun and the Rain"
  16. "Michael Caine"

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