Mirror Ball – Live & More

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Mirror Ball – Live & More
Def Leppard - Mirrorball (2011) front cover.jpg
Live album by Def Leppard
Released 7 June 2011[1]
Recorded 2008–2011
Genre Heavy metal, hard rock, glam metal
Length 119:16
Label Bludgeon Riffola[2]/Mailboat Records[2]/Frontiers Records (Europe)[3]
Producer Ronan McHugh
Def Leppard
Def Leppard live chronology
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(1993)Live: In the Clubs, in Your Face1993
Mirror Ball – Live & More
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(2013)Viva! Hysteria2013
Singles from Mirror Ball – Live & More
  1. "Undefeated"
    Released: April 2011
  2. "It's All About Believin"
    Released: May 2012
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars[4]

Mirror Ball – Live & More is a double live album by British rock band Def Leppard released on 7 June 2011.[5] The album contains, as well as live recordings, three new studio tracks and a DVD containing both concert and backstage footage.[5]

The album was announced on 22 February 2011,[5] but almost a month earlier, on 26 January 2011, Phil Collen said in an interview with WNCX that the band had already written and started recording the new songs, and said the album was planned to be released in May 2011.[6] Release dates and the album's artwork were announced on 13 April 2011, with the album to be released on 3 June 2011 in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, 6 June for the rest of Europe, and 7 June for North America. The album is being sold exclusively thru Wal-Mart and Sam's Club in the US[1]

The album includes three new studio songs along with the live recordings, taken during 2008 and 2009.[7] The new tracks include "Undefeated," composed by Joe Elliott, who described it as "a big, epic, rock anthem...kind of 'We Will Rock You' with guitars,"[7] as well as "It's All About Believin'," by Phil Collen and "Kings of the World," by Rick Savage and described by Elliott as having "a very Queen-type vocal thing," The complete track listing was announced on 7 April 2011.[8]

During its first week on sale, the album sold approximately 20,000 copies in the United States, charting at number sixteen on the Billboard 200.[9]

Allmusic gave Mirror Ball – Live & More a rating of three and a half out of five stars, noting the change in Joe Elliott's voice, "from a metallic screech into a coarse croon," and saying that the album was "far better than most fans will expect it to be."[4]

Track listing[edit]

Disc one[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)" Steve Clark, Rick Savage, Mutt Lange, Joe Elliott 3:55
2. "Rocket" Elliott, Phil Collen, Clark, Savage, Lange 4:29
3. "Animal" Elliott, Collen, Clark, Savage, Lange 4:02
4. "C'mon C'mon" Savage 4:00
5. "Make Love Like a Man" Elliott, Collen, Clark, Lange 5:56
6. "Too Late for Love" Elliott, Pete Willis, Clark, Savage, Lange 5:17
7. "Foolin'" Elliott, Clark, Lange 5:06
8. "Nine Lives" Collen, Elliott, Savage, Tim McGraw 3:35
9. "Love Bites" Elliott, Collen, Clark, Savage, Lange 7:28
10. "Rock On" David Essex 5:10

Disc two[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Two Steps Behind" Elliott 4:29
2. "Bringin' On the Heartbreak" Elliott, Willis, Clark 5:08
3. "Switch 625" Clark 4:14
4. "Hysteria" Elliott, Collen, Clark, Savage, Lange 6:20
5. "Armageddon It" Elliott, Collen, Clark, Savage, Lange 5:19
6. "Photograph" Elliott, Willis, Clark, Savage, Lange 4:35
7. "Pour Some Sugar on Me" Elliott, Collen, Clark, Savage, Lange 5:05
8. "Rock of Ages" Elliott, Clark, Lange 6:11
9. "Let's Get Rocked" Elliott, Collen, Savage, Lange 6:11
10. "Action" Andy Scott, Brian Connolly, Steve Priest, Mick Tucker 4:01
11. "Bad Actress" Elliott 3:31
12. "Undefeated" (new studio track) Elliott 4:40
13. "Kings of the World" (new studio track) Savage 6:12
14. "It's All About Believin'" (new studio track) Collen, Jeffrey Lynn Vanston 4:22
Japanese bonus track
No. Title Writer(s) Length
15. "Kings of the World" (acoustic version) Savage 4:22


Behind The Scenes on the Sparkle Lounge Tour 2008–2009, including live performances of

Music Videos


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